AED30 is the parent to four active Research Subcommittees. These subcommittees play a leading role to develop research needs, synthesis statements, and cooperative research program proposals around critical and emerging research areas of interest to AED30. They also provide an organizing structure for AED30 to focus research and peer exchange activities around key issue areas.

AED30 (1): Subcommittee on Sensing Technologies. (Joint Subcommittee of AED30 and AED40).

This subcommittee is concerned with AED30 research needs related to remote sensing, in situ (emplaced) sensors, geospatial information technologies, and visualization models for innovative transportation applications.

This subcommittee is co-chaired by Richard Li and Yelda Turkan.

AED30 (2): Subcommittee on Technology Strategic Leadership.

This subcommittee is concerned with AED30 research needs related to information / operational technology convergence, data and technology governance, digital transformation, and the changing role of the CIO in transportation. The AED30 (2) subcommittee was established in 2020 in recognition of the ongoing importance of these topics for the committee along with the need to formally organize efforts to address corresponding research needs and peer exchange opportunities.

This subcommittee is chaired by April Blackburn.

AKC10 (1) Information Systems in Construction Management. (Joint Subcommittee of AKC10 and AED30).

This subcommittee is concerned with the application of modern technologies, data/information, and processes to improve productivity in transportation construction projects.

This subcommittee is chaired by Amlan Mukherjee and Aaron Costin.

AMR40 (1) Cybersecurity. (Joint Subcommittee of AMR40, AED30, and AMR10)

Joint subcommittee of AMR40, AED30, and AMR10. This subcommittee is concerned with addressing cyber threats to transportation organizations and assets, including assessing risks associated with emerging technologies. The AMR40 (1) subcommittee came under sponsorship of AED30 in 2020 with the broader TRB committee reorganization. Cybersecurity has been a longstanding core issue area for AED30. Bi-monthly meetings of the Cybersecurity subcommittee have featured invited presentations from government and industry leaders covering critical and emerging cyber issues and threats.

This subcommittee is co-chaired by Ray Resendes and Zeb Bowden.