About the Committee

About the TRB AED30 Information Systems and Technology Committee

The AED30 Information Systems and Technology committee is concerned with research needs and strategic leadership regarding the use of advanced computing and technology to provide optimal transportation solutions and outcomes, with a particular focus on identifying opportunities, challenges, and risks for transportation agencies. Areas of emphasis include advanced sensing technologies, data and technology governance and leadership, construction and infrastructure management systems, cybersecurity, and information / operational technology convergence.

The AED30 committee is broadly concerned with:

  • Identifying opportunities, challenges and risks for transportation agencies associated with emerging information technology developments.

  • Advancing the state of the practice in the development and application of information systems and technologies to provide optimal transportation solutions and outcomes.

  • Guiding advanced computing and technology research and innovation towards equitable and sustainable solutions.

Specific technologies of interest include:

  • Sensing technologies (broadly defined to include infrastructure sensors, probe vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and remote sensing technologies, among others).

  • Cloud computing; big data analytics / data mining; data integration platforms.

  • Operational technology; smart technologies and field devices; IoT and edge computing.

  • Fiber optics communications technology.

  • Technologies that support access to people with disabilities.

Specific applications of interest include:

  • Data and technology services related to connected, automated, and electric vehicles.

  • Smart infrastructure – using sensor technology to enhance safety and monitor infrastructure conditions.

  • e-Construction; construction management systems; building information modeling (BIM).

  • Digital twins in the design, build, and management of transportation infrastructure.

  • Data and technology for transportation agency decision making and traveler information.

  • Data science; artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML).

  • Enterprise information systems; asset management systems.

Specific concerns of interest include:

  • Keeping critical transportation infrastructure safe and resilient.

  • Organizational, workforce, and management strategies needed to meet the accelerated pace of technology changes impacting the industry.

  • How to implement new technologies into day-to-day use.

  • Addressing expectations for open data available everywhere.

  • Achieving better coordination between operations (TSMO) and IT.

  • Ensuring equity in the rollout and adoption of advanced computing applications, digital infrastructure, and emerging transportation technologies.

  • Assessing the impact of emerging disruptive technologies and best practices to address them.

More information can be found in the Committee's 2022-2024 Triennial Strategic Plan (TSP), available here.