TRB Committee on Information Systems and Technology

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  • The 2023 TRB Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. was a great success. Thank you to all who attended our committee meetings and events.

  • Congratulations to our first committee paper award winners. More information here.

  • Planning for 2023 mid-year meeting May 8-10 in Pittsburgh has begun! Click here for the invitation flyer.


The AED30 Information Systems and Technology committee is concerned with research needs and strategic leadership regarding the use of advanced computing and technology to provide optimal transportation solutions and outcomes, with a particular focus on identifying opportunities, challenges, and risks for transportation agencies.

Areas of emphasis include advanced sensing technologies, data and technology governance and leadership, construction and infrastructure management systems, cybersecurity, and information / operational technology convergence.

The key expected outcomes for the committee are to:

  • Identify and prioritize research needs for critical and emerging data and technology issues in transportation.

  • Promote and share research demonstrating the use of new data processes and technologies for transportation solutions and outcomes.

  • Identify benefits, risks, and best practices for managing digital transformation within transportation agencies.

  • Identify benefits, risks, and best practices for emerging technologies to achieve an inclusive and equitable transportation system.

The AED30 Committee encourages full participation from government, academia, and industry in order to effectively identify and assess emerging trends in transportation information systems and technology.

More information on the committee can be found on our About page.

The Committee's 2021 Triennial Strategic Plan (TSP) is available here.


AED30 is the parent to four active Research Subcommittees. These subcommittees play a leading role to develop research needs, synthesis statements, and cooperative research program proposals around critical and emerging research areas of interest to AED30. They also provide an organizing structure for AED30 to focus research and peer exchange activities around key issue areas. More information on our subcommittees can be found here.